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Friends Only! [01 Jan 2010|11:10pm]

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[24 Jun 2007|07:46pm]
To those who have chosen to unfriend me for having an opinion:

Thank you for being immature, stupid, and every other word that you like to refer to everyone else as. Thank you for respecting the fact that I did not comment to your journal replies regarding the Chris Benoit matter, and that I stayed out of it as to respect your opinion. Never once did I single anyone out, never once did I make comments directly at you. You clearly know you're in the wrong, however... if you're so paranoid as to delete someone for having a different viewpoint than you. Let's explain what happened here.

Chris Benoit, a great wrestler. Without a doubt, one of the best to ever enter the ring. However, something drove this man to not only end his own life, but to take the lives of two innocent people as well. Not just anyone, but his own wife and son. To make matters worse, this was premeditated. He knew exactly what he was doing when he called WWE and told them he would not be at the house show. He strangled his wife, he smothered his 7-year-old son to death. I'm not quite sure how anyone can call that justifiable. You all seem to think that since he was nice to you a few times, that he's a really great person and that he would never do that because obviously, the evidence is wrong. You, my friends, YOU are the ones that are wrong. Get the fuck over it.

I think you all need a wake up call. Let's hypothetically say that some random person murdered your mother, father, brother, sister, child, or friend in cold blood. When you approached the trial, would you be telling the court that he was such a good man because he was nice to you at the grocery store one day last month, and that God should bless him and his soul should rest in peace? Would you condone what he had done to your loved one(s)? You can tell me that you would, that everyone deserves a second chance, but I would openly look you in the eye and tell you that you were full of shit. It's the same exact situation here, he not only killed his family, he took lives from other people's lives as well.

Your blantant ignorance only makes me laugh. I am glad that you can find peace in someone else's sick doing. You will truly burn in Hell right beside him, because you're clearly in support of all of this. Enjoy your time there, I'm quite glad you're off of my friends list.

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Black History Month, Day #14 [14 Feb 2006|10:08pm]

HAPPY BOB SAGET DAY!! Since Bob is clearly EVERYBODY'S sweetheart, there was no better day for him than Valentine's Day. While Bob's skin may not be black, I'm sure somewhere in his soul, there lies a little bit of an African American Danny Tanner. I'd personally like to thank Bob for making the absolute shittiest holiday of the year something grand. THANK YOU BOB!! MAY YOUR HOUSE BE FULL!

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Black History Month, Day #13 [13 Feb 2006|09:21pm]

Today, on the thirteenth day of this darkened month, I have chosen to honor none other than... the Pine Sol Lady. Gracing our television screens in living rooms across the world, this black diva is truly a legend in the making. Some may question as to whether or not Lady Pine Sol is distantly (or not so distantly?) related to Miss Cleo... I guess we will never know. Either way, I'm sure 9 out of 10 people would agree... Long Live the Power of Pine Sol... and of course, it's leading lady!

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Black History Month, Day #12 [12 Feb 2006|08:31pm]

Today, on the twelfth beautiful day of Black History Month, I have chosen to honor none other than the Nigga that Stole My Bike. This is quite possibly the most famous nigga on the internet. He has been many places in his trade of bike theft, including Carnegie Hall, Pee Wee's Playhouse, and Super Mario Land. We've also caught a glimpse of Nigga impersonators in videos seen about Hurricane Katrina/Hurricane Rita. We'll just keep hoping that a line of Nigga merchandise is released soon, that way the world can rejoice and act like every day is a day of Black History month!!

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Black History Month, Day #10 [10 Feb 2006|08:59pm]

Today is happy JP day. Mainly because it's his birthday, and clearly, he's the blackest individual known to man. So, I wish JP a very happy and black birthday, and since he was born in the month of Black History, may each of you rejoice in celebration of his skin color on this joyous day. :D

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Black History Month, Day #9 [09 Feb 2006|08:48pm]

Today, we celebrate Don King. Why? Because Don King has the coolest hair since Carlito. Yes, it's true. Also, the fact that Don King and Carlito were aboard the SAME airport shuttle in Cleveland... THAT is cool. I have no other witty comments, so I shall let his hair speak for itself.

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Black History Month, Day #8 [08 Feb 2006|12:01am]

Today, the eighth day of Black History Month, is the day I have chosen to honor my favorite African American individual in the entire world... that being my good friend Jaz. Jaz is a great member of the black community, where she serves daily on the farm where I used to dance as a sheep. Thank you, Jaz, for always being there for a quick roll in the hay mud when I needed a quick piece of ass. I will always love you for it. Happy Black History Month!!!

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Black History Month, Days #6 and #7 [07 Feb 2006|01:55pm]

Since I missed yesterday, I figured I'd double up today. I saw this picture and I just couldn't resist honoring two of the most amazing black people in existance... Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jackson. Oprah deserves recognition for being the most annoying, obnoxious talk show host to ever exist. I hate her for shoving Tom Cruise in my face. She has also had some of the most amazing hairstyles ever. Michael Jackson deserves some recognition for whatever the hell it is that he did to his skin. He's the reverse of John Cena... wannabe white man. You have to love that. Oh, yeah, and he likes little boys. Gary Coleman better watch himself. That often makes me wonder if Billie Jean was really the boy next door when he was growing up...

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Black History Month, Day #5 [05 Feb 2006|12:01am]
[early posting due to tomorrow's trip]

MC Hammer... a true black legend with some amazing pants. He holds the title for being the only black man to be labeled a one-hit wonder, yet still he managed to release a Greatest Hits album. Clearly, with songs such as "U Can't Touch This", MC Hammer started the AOL-Sp33k revolution long before the internet was even in existance. MC Hammer is a legend in himself, and deserves some hardcore recognition during Black History Month. Happy MC Hammer Day!

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Black History Month, Day #4 [04 Feb 2006|02:17am]

To keep it short and sweet, have a VERY happy Miss Cleo Day, babies! I see 24 more days of Black History Month in your future! You may call Miss Cleo now fo' yo' free readin'!

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Black History Month, Day #3.5 [03 Feb 2006|01:19pm]
As we are now half way through day three of Black History Month, I have chosen to honor the newfound "Blackworm" virus. What a fitting name for a fitting time. :D Thus, I have chosen to honor The Boogeyman, the true symbol of "Blackworm".

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Black History Month, Day #3 [03 Feb 2006|12:01am]

Happy Black History Month Day #3 to EACH and every one of you! Today we celebrate the greatest black man of modern times, John Cena. John is a very important person to the black community, as he strives daily to bring back the good old days to negroes as we know it. By forming the 'chain gang', Cena is attempting to reverse the abolition of slavery, thus making history repeat itself. These 'soldiers', or slaves as we like to call it, are forced to cheer for this man, no matter how much he sucks in the ring. They are also forced to listen to his lame freestyles, as well as his so called 'music', where he attempts to rap like a true black man. John Cena also thinks that his Boston accent makes him, in fact, black. Due to his clear denial in regards to his skin color, John Cena deserves some recognition in the Month of Black History. Word Life!

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[02 Feb 2006|02:13pm]


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